Prepare for a high demand career field in business

If you are aspiring to prepare for a professional multidisciplinary management-centered career with meaningful credentials, then our programs are right for you.

The Department of Decision Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide can be a beneficial step for you. The department offers a bachelor's and master's degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Project Management, as well as a master's degree in Engineering Management.

The department’s curricula are designed around meeting industry demands for skilled professionals in fields involving management within complex industry environments that require the application of advanced decision-making.

The master's program in Engineering Management welcomes engineering and scientific professionals (STEM-professionals) who seek to transition into a managerial career path by building or enhancing skills in the areas of planning, coordinating, and directing production or research activities. The degree also provides technical professionals exposure to the non-technical areas of business including marketing, sales, and overall management.

Graduates of the MSEM program have many options to explore. Technical organizations require managers who understand the technical nature of the firm’s business. Upon completion of the multi-disciplinary degree, students will have the knowledge to become managers in a technical organization. They may also apply their technical and managerial skillset in the field of consulting.

The MSEM program is tailored to working professionals in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics who are looking to move into a management role. This degree provides the skills to apply sound managerial decision-making, leadership, and other business skills critical to the success of a firm. Further, technical professionals who desire to further enhance their technical capabilities will find a number of specialization and elective options in which to do so.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programs prepare students for a wide variety of specialized career fields, all high-demand occupations in the manufacturing and services industries that include:

  • Procurement/purchasing management
  • Production and operations management
  • Green supply chain management
  • Materials and services cost analysis management
  • Transportation and field management
  • Freight and cargo management
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Facilities and resources management
  • Account specialists and customer service management
  • Project management and consulting

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will follow a strong foundation framework of courses aimed to distinguish the graduates as the future leaders of tomorrow in all of the related industries aforementioned, including the preparation for the pursue of an advanced degree in logistics and supply chain management with options to pursue a Minor in Air Cargo Management or a Minor in Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Logistics. Students will cover core topics in transportation, logistics and air cargo management, advanced professional logistics, management science, operations management, and supply chain management.

Students pursuing the master's in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program will follow a rigorously designed program aimed to train leaders acquire the necessary expertise that are required for managing complex environments arising from a variety of disciplines in business.  Students will cover managerial level topics in purchasing, transportation, integrated logistics, supply chain, global logistics and supply chain, management science, production and procurement, modeling and simulation, as well as electives chosen from a list of available courses.

The Project Management degree programs support professionals in closing the gap between how organizations currently operate and how they will need to operate in the future to achieve competitive advantages. This underlying goal of preparing the professionals who will streamline the management process is interwoven through the two programs we offer — the bachelor's degree in Project Management, and the (PMI)® GAC (Global Accreditation Center) accredited master's degree in Project Management.

Project managers have tremendous opportunities to work on leading-edge ventures in a wide range of fields–but the job demands a wide a range of skills. From setting benchmarks and scheduling, to monitoring costs and managing stakeholder expectations, project managers lead from beginning to end. And with evolving teams and shifting targets, the best must thrive in highly dynamic environments.  The BSPM program introduces the skills necessary to meet these challenges head on and become the skillful, agile project leader that employers are looking for.

The MSPM program is led by faculty who are all Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified by the Project Management Institute. They are highly experienced and counsel students on the certification application process as well as tips and techniques to pass the exam.  

Working professionals who enter into the Department of Decision Sciences’ programs will learn to take theory to practice in their daily work lives. They will graduate with the ability to manage teams and organizations of all sizes.

Enroll in the Department of Decision Sciences today, and get a head start on becoming the industry leader of tomorrow.

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