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The demand for skilled professionals continues to grow in response to the increasing need for leaders who can manage the efficient and effective use of scarce resources; operate in an atmosphere of heightened national and international competition; and respond to the call to preserve our world’s fragile ecosystem.

Competition for good jobs continues to increase: Students who complete undergraduate and/or graduate degree programs in the Department of Business Administration acquire the knowledge and skills to gain an edge over other job seekers.

If you are looking to earn a business degree and acquire specialized knowledge to take your career to new heights, the Department of Business Administration offers the programs for you.

The department provides students with the academic foundation many employers seek in their leadership. The programs are designed to emphasize the application of modern management concepts, leadership principles, methods, and tools to the challenges of aviation and business. We equip students with the tools necessary to succeed. The programs will enhance the student's analytic and communication skills, providing for knowledge and abilities that will have immediate applicability in the workplace.

Students earning degrees in the Department of Business Administration will be prepared for a wide range of careers in business, such as marketing, information technology, finance, and management. The core curriculum provides students the knowledge of all key business functions. The unique issues of aviation are woven into a strong traditional business foundation.

Students majoring in Aviation Business Administration will gain a solid understanding of what it takes work in all businesses. Courses in accounting, economics, finance, international business, human resources, marketing, management, and business statistics will provide students with a solid business core applicable in the aviation/aerospace industry and other industries as well. Students will have the opportunity to focus their studies, providing them with the tools to manage business related to airports, airlines, air cargo, aircraft maintenance, and other aviation/aerospace businesses. Upon graduation, students will be eligible and qualified candidates for desirable staff, operational, and executive positions within the military sector or civilian business community.

Within the graduate program, specializations allow students to concentrate in a functional area they may wish to pursue in their career. A graduate of the Business Administration in Aviation master's program has all of the opportunities an MBA student enjoys, with the added bonus of a competitive edge in a specialized field.

Enroll in the Department of Business Administration today, and get a head start on becoming the aviation leader of tomorrow.

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