PATHWAYS is the home for various College of Arts & Sciences resources united by their commitment to fostering a culture of achievement and growth. With a mission to empower students to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond, PATHWAYS offers a wide array of resources and opportunities tailored both to meet individual interests and goals, and to encourage the development of a community of scholars. PATHWAYS aims to inspire students to reach their full potential and to establish themselves as lifelong learners.

Student Interest Groups

Build community in one of our Student Interest Groups:

Honor Societies

Celebrate your accomplishments and build your network in one of our Honor Societies:

Undergraduate Minors

Minor courses of study are academic programs designed to satisfy students’ personal interests and meet their professional needs. Students explore, in some depth, the offerings in a field of study. A minor course of study provides the student with significant experience in a discipline organized around skills, methodology and subject matter. To gain the greatest value from their academic experience, students are encouraged to select minors that complement their degree program and/or other minors that they are pursuing.

Explore a new academic discipline with one of the Undergraduate Minors offered by the College of Arts & Sciences:

Honors Summer Seminars

Accept an academic challenge in one of our Honors Summer Seminars.

First planned offering:

  • May 2024, HONS 150: Monster Culture (contact Debra Bourdeau for more information)

Study Abroad Summer Program 

Have an immersive global experience in one of our Study Abroad Programs

Pathway to Student Research

Take your skills to the next level with one of our Research Experiences.

  • Enroll in one of our Research Undergraduate Minor programs:
    • More information to follow soon.
  • Apply as a Student Research Assistant at our college (remote)
    • More information to follow soon.

Digital Credentials

Go above and beyond to earn a Digital Credential:

  • More information to follow.

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Associate Dean for Student Success and Academics