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The Department of Humanities and Communication focuses on helping students achieve proficiency in the core skills of communication, critical thinking, information literacy, cultural literacy and collaborative learning.

As an integral part of the general education program, courses in the Department of Humanities and Communication enable students to develop the skills of critical thinking and investigative inquiry. They also broaden and deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of the highly diverse and rapidly changing society in which they live.

The department offers a bachelor's program in Communication and is responsible for general education courses in English, Humanities and Speech. The department's full-time faculty members are experts in composition, literature, communication, humanities, ethics and world culture. A minor in Communication is also offered.

Coursework is designed to give students competency in oral and written communication and in the evaluation and interpretation of information. Students also develop an appreciation for the complexity of the human experience as it is expressed in literature, philosophy, aesthetics and culture. A focus is on effective communication of technology-related information to diverse audiences.

The Humanistic STEM minor provides opportunities to enhance critical thinking skills, improve communication expertise and develop an interdisciplinary mindset. The interdisciplinarity across the meta-disciplines of Humanities and STEM demonstrates to employers that students can think beyond academic silos, using a variety of perspectives in creative problem-solving.

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