The mission of Everything Quantitative for Teachers and Students (EQUATES) is to support students and their instructors through a video repository, workshops, peer tutoring and research that cover topics in the Mathematics, Science and Technology curriculum. 

Officially housed within the College of Arts & Sciences, EQUATES provides support for all Embry-Riddle students and their instructors through its four EQUATES Quadrants.

EQUATES Quadrants

Video Repository (under construction)

This repository resides in the university’s learning management system in order to make Embry-Riddle course videos available to student, even when they are not enrolled in a particular course from the Mathematics, Science and Technology Department. The repository is searchable by subject for student self-study or instructor recommendations.

Workshops (coming in AY 23-24)

Focusing on student needs in support of their success in mathematics, science and technology by sharing best practices for using calculators, equation editors and other computer software.

Peer Tutoring (coming in AY 24-25)

Qualified students will be available to their peers for virtual tutoring.

Research Support (coming in AY 25-26)

Supporting quantitative aspects of research for faculty.

Enroll in EQUATES

To enroll in EQUATES as a current Embry-Riddle student or faculty member, please visit the Canvas site.

Our students agree that the videos matter:

“First and foremost, I have to tell you that I loved your videos. Towards the end, I completely stopped watching the textbook videos completely because they were needlessly complicated. Your videos were easy to understand, well laid out and sometimes downright funny. I really struggle with math, so your explanations helped me through.”

“I thought they (the videos) were great! It was a huge help for understanding, seeing as typically the only visual interaction students have is with the book. I can't wait to see calculus ones.”

Contact Us

Amy Riordan
Director, EQUATES

Carey Witkov
Co-Director, EQUATES