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Drawing on almost 100 years of aviation education and research, Embry-Riddle’s Aviation English Department combines language teaching expertise with aviation operational familiarity.

The result? We develop and deliver Aviation English programs that improve aviation professionals' English language skills. And because learning content in our programs is relevant to aviation operations, students in our courses increase their awareness of current safety-related aviation topics. 

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English for Air Traffic Control

English for Air Traffic Control is a teacher-facilitated Aviation English course designed for ATC organizations or groups of students. This course can be customized for organizations’ specific needs to include up to 200 hours of instruction with a combination of live synchronous sessions and asynchronous homework sessions.

Aviation Communication for Controllers is a series of self-paced courses for individuals who want to improve their aviation communication skills (e.g., Aviation English proficiency) and content knowledge relevant to air traffic controllers. Students will engage with the course content and practice language skills at their own pace (12-15 hours of learning content in each course). These courses are designed to be suitable for operational air traffic controllers but are also of interest to those studying to become controllers or anyone interested in Aviation English.

English for Flight Training

English for Flight Training is a nine-week online course designed to improve the Aviation English language proficiency of future or current student pilots who speak English as a second language.

Each week, you will attend online instructor-led class sessions and complete homework tasks online. The course focuses on developing language and communication skills you’ll need to: 

  • interact with flight instructors;
  • comprehend flight training information; and 
  • communicate on the radio with ATC during routine VFR flights. 

Flight training topics are used to increase your basic aviation knowledge as you improve your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and interaction skills. By the end of the course, you will be more prepared to successfully complete flight training conducted in English.

How do we teach Aviation English?

Our programs utilize an integrated skills approach to guide the development of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) language skills (Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interaction). Students practice these skills in listening, speaking and reading activities.

Are Aviation English classes in-person or online?

We recognize that different organizations have different needs. We can deliver programs online, in-person or via a blended approach that incorporates both. Likewise, online courses can be synchronous (real-time virtual communication between students and instructors) or asynchronous (virtual communication not in real-time.)

Aviation English Programs Help Air Traffic Controller Find a New Voice

Lucas de Bail

It took Brazilian native Lucas Miguel de Bail Ribas a while to find his voice in aviation. Thanks in large part to his experience at ERAU, Ribas is working to blend his language skills with his aviation experience to make flying safer.  Read More

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