2023’s Europe Graduation from at The Aircraft in Dreieich, German
2023’s Europe Graduation on September 23, 2023 at The Aircraft in Dreieich, Germany

There are enough challenges that come with serving in the United States military, especially when you're far away from home in Europe. Getting an education should not be another challenge.

U.S. service members and their family can find the resources they need here to become a successful student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. Embry-Riddle's flexible learning options, talented instructors and knowledgeable staff can help you develop the skills you need to get ahead in your military career and beyond.

It's your life, your future and your dreams.

Now it's your move.

Campuses at U.S. Military Bases in Europe

Take Embry-Riddle Worldwide classes at one of several locations at military bases throughout Europe:

If you are not affiliated with the United States military but are interested in Embry-Riddle Worldwide in Europe, please visit our European Campus website.

Register for Classes

Enrolled students looking to register for classes should visit the Campus Solutions Student Center on ERNIE.