Welcome to the Division of Academic Innovation

The Division of Academic Innovation aims to build a comprehensive framework and strategy for the future of learning at Embry-Riddle. Future thinking is about readiness. We strive to build a learning community that will challenge new frontiers of connected lifelong learning. Our work is fueled by the transformative power of the intersection between design, technology and learning.

Taking Embry-Riddle Learning Into the Future

The mission of Academic Innovation is to collaborate with all of Embry-Riddle’s academic units to discover, design, develop and deliver innovative, high-quality learning experiences to extend Embry-Riddle’s academic excellence. The team of researchers, instructional designers, faculty developers and instructional technologists will carry out this mission by continually investigating the current trends and future possibilities of learning.

2022 Strategic Roadmap

Priority 1 – Inside-Out

  • Develop and support internal innovators by bringing their ideas forward with resources and structures for the development of innovative learning solutions.
  • Engage with the broader learning community to discover and create new learning models and address lifelong learning opportunities and issues of global significance.

Priority 2 – Transform Connected Learning for the Embry-Riddle Community

  • Leverage internal partnerships with faculty, staff and students to build a culture of connected learning and learner-centered design
  • Enable greater student engagement and success through transformative learning experiences.

Priority 3 – Develop Our Team of Today and the Future

  • Emphasize a high standard of performance and professionalism that will enhance team improvement, achievement and recognition at Embry-Riddle and around the world
  • Develop a highly engaged, innovative team that is focused on learner experience and design.

Priority 4 – Embrace New Ways to Innovate Teaching and Learning

  • Create new models for global, engaged and lifelong learning experiences for learners at Embry-Riddle and around the world
  • Set the standard for high-quality, immersive learning experiences that honors human-centered design

Priority 5 – Outside-In

  • Foster an environment of intellectual discovery and informed pedagogical practice that inspires research and development that is systematically connected to student success.
  • Connect design, technology and educational research to shape the future of learning.