Step 1: Sign Into ERNIE

  • Navigate to ERNIE.
  • Sign in using your ERNIE account ID and password.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Student Account

  • Launch Campus Solutions Student Homepage. (Note: If not already located under ERAU Tools, you can add it by personalizing the section.)
  • Click the "Finances" tile.
  • Select "My Student Account" on the left-hand menu.
  • Under ERAU Account Access, click "Make a Payment – Account Access." (Note: If your student account page does not load after clicking, check to be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.)

Step 3: Selecting Make a Payment

  • Select the "Make a Payment" tab or the green "Make Payment" button.

Step 4: Input Amount

  • Whether paying your Current Balance or a Future Due Amount, select "Current Account Balance" and type the amount in the blank box.

Step 5: Select Payment Method

  • Use the dropdown menu to select your payment method.
  • Click "Select."
  • Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.
  • Note: Credit card payments are handled through PayPath. A non-refundable service fee of 2.95% or $3.00 minimum will be added to your payment. Payments made via ACH (online check) will not have a service fee.

Step 6: Review and Submit Payment

  • Review the information provided and click “Submit Payment.”
  • You will be emailed a receipt once the payment is complete.

For questions or concerns, please contact email or call 386-226-6285.