Frequently Asked Questions

Your application will be reviewed by the program chair, department chair, and chief academic officer to ensure your academic and experiential backgrounds meet the requirements for the course. This process can take up to four weeks.  
You will receive notification that you have been approved and for what course. Please retain this email to use the course information later in the iTeacher courses. Once you are notified you have been approved, you will be contacted by Human Resources within 24 – 48 business hours to complete the new hire HR paperwork and background check. Upon completion of the HR paperwork and background check, you will be enrolled in the next session of our faculty development courses (iTeachEr) found under the Candidate Requirements portion of our website.  
Once you complete the iTeachEr courses, your credentials will be reviewed to see if your background aligns with any other instructor needs we currently have. If so, an approval request will be submitted on your behalf and you will be notified of any additional course approvals.   
Our classes last a total of 9 weeks for the students. There will be some preparation the instructors will need to do before the classes are made available to students and you will have one week after the course ends to submit final grades. 
Our online courses have the content already developed for the instructors. Instructors can provide students with supplemental materials, such as current news event articles, tutorials, etc. For any of our courses that have a face-to-face component, some of the course content will be already developed, whereas other aspects of the course you can create.  More information will be provided by the Course Developer and/or Chair regarding the creation of this material. 
Our Scheduling Team assigns instructors to courses. After completing your initial HR onboarding and Welcome to ERAU activity in Workday, you will be cleared for scheduling. Once you are scheduled to teach your first course, you will be enrolled in the iTeachER new faculty training. This training will prepare you to teach your upcoming course assignment as well as any future course assignments. The team does work on instructor assignments in advance, so there is typically a delay between them being notified and you receiving your first course contract invitation.
Yes, the scheduling team will review all instructors for the different delivery options we have here at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. When you completed the iTeachER course, you will be eligible to be considered for our online, face-to-face, and hybrid (EagleVision) courses. 
Online classes start every month except for in June and December. Not all courses are offered every term, however. Our face-to-face and EagleVision courses start five times a year: January, March, May, August, and October.
There is a formula we use to determine pay for instructors. The level of course taught and total enrollments calculate into the final determination of pay. Once you are approved to teach for us and complete your HR paperwork, you will be provided access to the pay formula. Adjuncts are paid bi-weekly during the time they are teaching the course.   

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Worldwide Adjunct Liaison
If you’re interested in Adjunct teaching opportunities for Embry-Riddle Worldwide – at one of our Campuses or Online – and have any questions, please contact us. 

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The Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence:
  • Supports Worldwide faculty in their teaching endeavors by helping them explore pedagogy and best practices.
  • Acts as a point of reference for those external to the university wanting to learn more about Embry-Riddle's teaching culture.

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