Mission of the Board

To assist Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide (hereafter referred to as Worldwide) in its unique role as the world leader in offering academically excellent courses and curriculum for the aviation and aerospace industries.

Role of Board Members

  • Provide advice and guidance on the content of courses and programs to ensure the topics being addressed are relevant and important to aviation and aerospace leaders and business professionals today.
  • Provide near term and long-range approaches of academic content for delivery to ensure courses and programs are being delivered in the most effective manner possible for the audience and subject matter being addressed.
  • Suggest and/or validate and, in some cases, support potential research projects that would benefit the aviation or aerospace industry, and related industries while providing the richest learning experience possible for students.
  • Serve as an advocate for Worldwide’s curriculum both in industry and with other stakeholders.

Size and Composition of the Board

  • Membership on the Board should be diverse, yet balanced by background, experience, geography, size and type of industry, and other relevant factors so it represents the values and interests of the University and the market we serve.
  • The size of the Board shall not exceed 15 members.

Operation of the Board

Note: since this is an Advisory Board, the typical officer structure does not apply.

  • The Embry-Riddle Worldwide Chancellor shall appoint the members.
  • Meetings will be held twice a year in-person at locations to be determined, and supplemented with virtual meetings as needed.
  • Embry-Riddle Worldwide will create and distribute an agenda to its members prior to each meeting. 

Board Membership

  • Membership of the IAB will be comprised of representatives from industry, regulatory and governmental agencies, academia, and aviation associations as deemed appropriate by the IAB and the Campus. Members should have significant experience, and a leadership role, in their segment of the aviation industry. The IAB should strive for a balanced and diverse membership that reflects the nature of the aviation industry as well as current and future needs of the University. Students, faculty, and other non-University people may serve in ex-officio, support roles to facilitate organization of meetings, to present information at meetings, or to provide general meeting support.
  • Recommendations for IAB membership may be submitted by any party with an interest in the growth and success of the Campus. The selection of members is made through the Worldwide Chancellor.
  • Each member shall be appointed for a term of three years. Renewal of membership is made during the third year and prior to the annual meeting at the discretion of the Worldwide Chancellor, and the willingness of the member to continue to serve. There is no limit on the number of terms for which a member may serve on the IAB. Consideration for renewal is based on meeting attendance, engagement and contribution, expertise, and diversity.

Value for Board Members

  • Membership on a prestigious board relevant for their industry and profession.
  • Exposure to the thoughts, ideas, and experience of other board members.
  • An opportunity to build or strengthen personal as well as professional relationships with other board members.
  • An opportunity to contribute to the growth of the profession.
  • An opportunity to create and shape one or more research programs and participate in major industry research projects.
  • An opportunity to share their wisdom and experience with members of Embry-Riddle Worldwide’s faculty, and influence the development and delivery of programs for the aviation and aerospace industry and related industries

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