The Instructional Design and Development (IDD) team is composed of instructional designers, media producers, digital media specialists and leadership positions. The team is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of approximately 800 online courses offered by Embry-Riddle Worldwide campus.

The IDD team is segmented into three teams of instructional designers (one team dedicated per college [Aeronautics, Arts and Sciences, and Business]) as well as the Media Production and Instructional Technology team. While instructional designers work with faculty members (also called course developers) on learning activities and assignments adopted in the course, media producers and instructional technologists work with faculty members on the production of multimedia learning assets to display Embry-Riddle-developed original content in our online course.

The online course design process followed by the IDD team spans four and a half months and is composed of several tasks and subtasks. It follows instructional design models and practices that promote authentic learning to support the academic and professional success of our online courses.