Graduation FAQs

Virtual Commencement Ceremony

A virtual commencement is an online celebration with traditional ceremony elements such as messages from our administration, speakers, degree conferral and an announcement of graduate names.

A graduate slide will be created for each graduate with their full legal name, degree and academic honors (if applicable).

Graduates will receive an email with a link to a registration system where they can upload a photograph and provide additional name pronunciation information.

Details regarding the graduate photo submission requirements will be outlined in the email. Embry-Riddle reserves the right to omit photos that are deemed inappropriate.

Schedule a virtual commencement watch party with family and friends or share the virtual commencement website link asking them to join you online for the event. Participate in time-honored commencement traditions, such as standing upon hearing your name and degree conferral and singing of the Alma Mater.

Customize your virtual commencement graduate slide with a photo. An email will be sent to the email account provided by you when you register for graduation with instructions on how to submit your photo.

Purchase regalia (optional) to wear during your virtual commencement celebration and for photo opportunities.

Share your photos and experiences on social media and tag #ERAU2020Grad

Applying for Graduation

Visit the Campus Solutions Student Center to apply for graduation, view your graduation status or pay your graduation application fee.

Learn more about how to apply for graduation.

Undergraduate students can apply for graduation when they are within 12 hours of degree completion. Masters students can apply for graduation when they are within 6 hours of degree completion. Doctoral students should only apply for graduation when they have completed their dissertation. The graduation applications will be cancelled if the student does not meet these eligibility requirements to apply for graduation.

If you are pursuing a certificate, please do not apply for graduation for the certificate when you have finished the requirements. Your center or advisor should submit the appropriate paperwork for processing.  Graduation applications for certificates will be cancelled.
You may wish to apply for both degrees, but it is not required for you to apply for the Associates degree (provided the Associates and Bachelor are for the same program). However, based on the degree conferral guidelines below, you may want to consider applying for the Associates degree if you do not want it posted at the same time and with the same date as the Bachelor’s degree.  
You are given a choice of multiple Worldwide terms, including the current month. Choose the most appropriate one for your situation. The Graduation Team will post your degree with the correct term using the Degree Conferral guidelines.
Undergraduate students - $100
Masters students - $100
Doctoral students - $150

Additional Diploma - $60 per copy

Graduation applications submitted at the same time should be charged only one graduation application fee, but diploma fees will be added on every application that a duplicate diploma was requested.

These charges will be applied to your account and are non-refundable.  Fees are payable through Campus Solutions. Submission of multiple graduation applications may result in multiple charges.  
The graduation application fee covers the cost of processing, printing and mailing of one diploma. Additional diplomas may be requested at an additional cost of $60 per diploma. Regalia for students is NOT included in this fee.
Graduation applications are valid for one year from the date of application. Applications older than one year will be cancelled. You will need to reapply for graduation, paying the current graduation fee. Your original fee will not be refunded or applied to the new fee.
Upon initial review, your graduation application may be cancelled if you are not eligible to apply or have applied for graduation for a certificate. If your graduation application has expired, it will also be cancelled.

Degree Conferral

Degrees and certificates are conferred on either (1) the last day of the month that you apply for graduation or (2) on the last day of the month in which the term ended for the last course completing the degree or certificate requirements, whichever is later. Degree conferrals will not be backdated, so you should apply for graduation in a timely manner. If you do not apply for graduation for your Associates degree, it will be posted with the same date as your Bachelors in the same program.

When you apply for graduation, your records are reviewed and your degree will be posted if complete. If you’re not degree complete at that time, your graduation application is placed in a review status.

At the end of each term, the Graduation Team begins a daily process of reviewing a report of posted grades and checking those students for completion. Your degree cannot be posted until all grades for the term have been posted by the instructors to the official transcript. Generally, degrees are posted within 2 business days of the final grade being posted, but processing time may vary depending on the size of the term and holidays.

No, an Associate’s degree will not be added for the same degree program after the degree is conferred. An Associate’s degree should be declared prior to you submitting your graduation application. 
No, minors will not be added after the degree is conferred. All minors should be declared prior to or when you submit your graduation application.
Your degree cannot be posted if you have not finished all the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and any minors.
For Bachelor’s degrees only, graduation honors are awarded in accordance with the following criteria:

  • You must have completed at least 45 credit hours in residence at Embry-Riddle. 
  • Your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for all Embry-Riddle courses determines the level of graduation honors based on the below chart:
    • Summa cum laude – 3.900 – 4.000 CGPA
    • Magna cum laude – 3.7000 – 3.899 CGPA
    • Cum Laude – 3.500 – 3.699 CGPA
  • The honors level will appear on your diploma and academic transcript with the degree information. 

For Masters degrees only, students are recognized through the inclusion of the notation “With Distinction” in accordance with the following criteria:

  • You must have completed your graduate studies with a CGPA of 4.000, based on grades received in all Embry-Riddle graduate coursework. 
  • “With Distinction” will appear on your diploma and academic transcript with the degree information.


You need to apply for graduation through Campus Solutions in order to be reviewed for degree completion. Once all your degree requirements have been met and there are no financial obligations to the University, it will be mailed to the address that you provided on your graduation application.
  • Your Name – You are able to enter the name you would like on your diploma, but it must be some version of your legal name. Proper documentation is required for name changes prior to diploma printing or a duplicate may need to be purchased once documentation has been provided. Titles and/or military ranks are included.
  • Degree Name – Only the main program name will appear on your diploma – no specializations or minors will appear. Separate certificates are not provided for specializations or minors.
  • Degree Honors – If you earn honors, they will be listed below the degree name.
  • Term Date – This is the same date shown in the Degrees Awarded section on your transcript. Please see the Degree Conferral section for how this date is determined.
Masters and Undergraduate diplomas are standard paper size – 8½” x 11”. PhD diplomas are 11” x 14”.
Diplomas are printed every week. As long as you do not have a balance or financial hold on your account, it will be mailed out the afternoon that diplomas are printed.
Duplicate diplomas can be ordered online by clicking here. There is a $60 fee for each duplicate diploma. Be sure to select the Worldwide Campus so the Graduation Team receives your order.  

This is not a substitute for the graduation application. If you have not completed the program you are requesting a duplicate diploma for, please click here to apply for graduation.

In-Person Commencement Ceremonies

All diplomas are mailed to students using the address you provided on your graduation application. Diplomas are not presented to students during a graduation ceremony.
When you apply for graduation, you should select your ceremony location. If that option is not available or if you need to change locations, please ask the Graduation Team for assistance.  

In true Worldwide fashion, graduation ceremonies are held around the globe in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Worldwide students may participate in any of the ceremonies hosted by the university.

Worldwide ceremonies are listed here on our Upcoming Ceremonies page.

Information regarding the Daytona Beach ceremony can be found here: Daytona Beach, FL. Information regarding the Prescott ceremony can be found here: Prescott, AZ.   

To register to participate in any ceremony, you will need to email

Doctoral and Masters students should be degree complete in order to participate in a ceremony. Undergraduate students may participate in a ceremony if they are within 12 hours of degree completion. 

Since honors are posted at the time of degree conferral, if you opt to participate in a ceremony prior to degree completion, you will not participate with honors and will not be mailed honor cords/distinction medallion once you are degree complete. These items may be purchased after degree conferral by contacting the Graduation Team.

If there is a question about ceremony eligibility, it is always best to apply for graduation for that ceremony within the graduation application deadline. If it is determined that you are ineligible for participation, your graduation application will be cancelled. Students can email the Graduation Team with questions regarding participation in a ceremony.

Click on the Upcoming Ceremonies link on this website. Both the Graduation Application Deadline and Regalia Reservation Deadline are listed with each ceremony.  This information is also on the Reserve Your Cap and Gown link on this website.
If a particular ceremony has disappeared from the drop down menu on the graduation application, this means that the application deadline has passed for this ceremony. You will need to contact the Graduation Team to inquire about participating in the ceremony. Once graduation application and/or regalia reservation deadlines have passed for a ceremony, participation is not guaranteed.
You will need to reserve your regalia by visiting the Herff Jones portal. Click on the Reserve Your Cap and Gown link on this page and follow the instructions provided.

The Graduation Team now has the ability to help you purchase any portion of regalia (tassel, hood, honor cords, distinction medallions, cap or gown) if you are unable to participate in a ceremony. Regalia is sold only to students who are degree complete. Honor cords and distinction medallions will be sold only to students who earned those honors.

Please email the Graduation Team, including what items you wish to purchase and contact information where you can be reached.

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