Course Level  Military Cost Per Credit Hour Civilian Cost Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate **  $250.00*  $465.00
Master's **  $648.00* $773.00
Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering $773.00 $773.00
Master of Airworthiness Engineering
$773.00 $773.00 
Master of Systems Engineering  $773.00 $773.00
Master of Science in Unmanned & Autonomous Systems Engineering

Master of Space Operations



Doctoral ** $1,269.00  $1,269.00

*Note: Military rate applies to all U.S. service members on active duty or in the reserves or National Guard in a drilling status as well as spouses of any age and dependents age 26 and under.

**Note: The above is not a comprehensive list of tuition for all Embry-Riddle Worldwide degree programs. Some degree programs have different tuition rates than provided above. Please speak with a member of our enrollment team for additional information.

** Note: An Independent tutorial may be offered to a student who requires a class, when a full class is not available. Independent tutorials are not subject to military discount rates. Rates for independent tutorials may vary.

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