At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide students can feel just as connected to the University experience as students on our residential campuses. 

Welcome to eUnion, a virtual community that students, faculty and staff can access from anywhere on any device using their ERNIE credentials, either online or through the eUnion app!

eunion logoFive Reasons for Students to use eUnion

  • Connect with peers.
  • Access to ERNIE, Canvas, and other tools.
  • Stay updated and connected to University happenings.
  • Network with people in aviation, business, and other industries.
  • Build relationships with faculty to get references or recommendations for the future.

This exclusive site, modeled on social communities such as LinkedIn and Facebook, allows collaboration in a dynamic environment while building a strong sense of camaraderie, spirit and pride.

eUnion allows students to create their own profiles and participate in groups where they can post comments, pictures and emojis.

Joining eUnion means gaining access to a variety of embedded apps and the opportunity to join groups focused on common interests, which includes a Student Government Association, virtual clubs, study groups and so much more.

Members can get class assignments, instant notifications of events or other important updates from their fellow students, instructors or Worldwide staff members. eUnion also is a great platform for collaborating on projects and finding mentors or tutors.

eUnion helps keep everyone at Worldwide in touch while serving as an access portal for students, with their emails, news feeds, and other key information all displayed in one place. Designed by a company called Path, the site features a streamlined look and familiar feel that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Are you ready to connect? There is a whole wide world of students, faculty and staff waiting to join you and help make your educational journey more fun, more connected and more successful.