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Kentucky’s largest city is the home to many of the country's top companies and industries, including transportation, logistics, and aerospace manufacturing. Embry-Riddle Worldwide will help you get started — or get ahead — in your career, and you can earn your degree right here in Louisville.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge spans the Ohio River, taking drivers from Indiana into Louisville.

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A Degree From Embry-Riddle Worldwide is Your Ticket to a Career in Louisville

Embry-Riddle is the world’s pre-eminent university for aviation and aerospace education. However, our dynamic, hands-on programs will prepare you for a career in many industries, not just ones in the skies.

Our Embry-Riddle Louisville Campus — located near Louisville International Airport — offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as undergraduate certifications, that will help you achieve a higher position in your current company or make you an attractive job candidate in a new business or field. 

A degree from Embry-Riddle Worldwide will give you the skills you need for success in many of Louisville's' top industries, including:

Aerospace, Aviation, Defense Contractors

Imagine being part of a defense contracting team that builds the F-35 Lightning — one of the world’s top military aircraft — or guided missile systems used by the U.S. Armed Forces.

Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers several programs that can put you on the front lines of designing and building the tools that keep our nation safe, including:

Degrees Offered at Worldwide Related to the Field
Emergency Services

The Louisville Fire Department, founded in 1858, now employs more than 500 men and women. Our B.S. in Emergency Services program can help fire department employees — and other public safetey workers — learn the leadership, safety, management, and technical skills they need as they work their way up the administration ranks.

Degrees Offered at Worldwide Related to the Field
Health Care

Health care is one of the nation's biggest industries, and Louisville's second- and third-largest employers are health-care companies. Skills like risk assessment and managerial accounting learned in our management programs will make you a strong manager in any field, including health care.

Degrees Offered at Worldwide Related to the Industry

Our Worldwide Campus has been working with U.S. military service members since 1970, helping them to earn a degree while on active duty or as veterans. And we do it at more than 90 military installations around the globe. 

Become a Commissioned Officer
Nearly all military commissioned officers hold college degrees. Many do so before entering the armed forces after attending a service academy, a military college, or a university with a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program.

For enlisted service members who did not enter the military as an officer, Embry-Riddle Worldwide is here to help you achieve your goal of getting into Officer Candidate School (OCS) or Officer Training School (OTS) and becoming a commissioned officer.

Our flexible course delivery methods allow service members to take courses that accommodate your military duties and family life. Those serving can attend courses in a classroom, via recorded or real-time video conferencing online, or through a blend of modes.

As a Veteran
Entering the civilian workforce after completing service to your country can be a daunting task. However, Embry-Riddle Worldwide is here to help you earn a college degree and become an attractive job candidate in the field of your choice.

Service members can earn a degree while on active duty thanks to Worldwide’s flexible modes of instruction, as well as government tuition assistance for the military.

Then, once you trade in your G.I. boots for dress shoes, you can hit the post-military ground running by being able to list “college graduate” on your résumé.

As a Spouse or Civilian Working with the Military
Not everyone working at a military base is member of the armed services. Service members' families and civilian base employees are also an important part of the Louisville military community.

Military spouses can take advantage of their proximity to an Embry-Riddle Worldwide facility by taking classes at our Louisville Campus. Additional financial assistance is also available under the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts for spouses who seek certification or an associate degree in an occupation that may be available regardless of where a service member is stationed.

Other civilians — whether they are employed on base or not — can improve their job prospects by earning a degree at our Louisville Campus.

For more on what Embry-Riddle Worldwide can offer, go to the Degrees & Programs page on To learn more about the admission process, costs, tuition benefits, and more for active-duty service members, veterans, and their families, go to Our Commitment to the Military page on

Professional Development

Regardless of your career, we have several degree programs that will show your employer that you have the ability to lead a team and inspire individuals to perform to the best of their ability.

Degrees Offered at Worldwide Related to the Field
Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chains

Louisville International Airport serves as the base for one of the world’s largest cargo airlines. Its facility, which is the size of 90 football fields, is the biggest fully automated package handling facility in the world.

Our aeronautics degrees will prepare you for a variety of industry roles, including aviation mechanic, air-traffic control, safety, and ground support. And our transportation, management, and systems engineering degrees will teach you to efficiently use physical and human capital.

Degrees Offered at Worldwide Related to the Field

Note: All degree program may not be available at this campus. You may enroll through the Online Campus. See degrees offered at this campus below.


Degrees Offered at This Campus

Embry-Riddle offers many courses on location for students who wish to include traditional classroom instruction as part of their degree program. However, it is expected that students will pursue multiple learning modalities, including online, classroom, and virtual classroom instruction.

Associate Degrees
Bachelor's Degrees
4+1 Degree Programs (Earn a Bachelor's and Master's in five years)
Master's Degrees

* — Program is not available at this campus. You may enroll through the Online Campus.

For information on degree programs at Embry-Riddle’s residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Prescott, Ariz., check out the Embry-Riddle degrees page.

It is the policy of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to administer its educational programs both on and off campus in a manner that is fair, equitable, academically sound, and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Review State Specific Authorization Information.


Louisville, KY

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This campus is affiliated with our Indianapolis Campus.

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  • Online
  • EagleVision Home
  • EagleVision Classroom

Open to military and civilians

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.;
Friday, 9 a.m.-noon

Other Information:
A computerized classroom is available for students.

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Did You Know?

Aviation pioneer and industry founding father Glenn Curtiss became the first person to fly an airplane in Louisville when he flew a biplane with a pusher engine at Churchill Downs on June 18-19, 1910.
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