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College of Business

Dr. Soumia Ichoua

Projects are the passion of the college's Research Director, and green energy and air traffic efficiency are two of the topics she's using her logistics background to tackle.

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management

Technically skilled, empowered to manage

College of Business Degree Added
College of Business Degree Added

Master of Science in Engineering Management offered beginning in July 2013.

Master of Science in Leadership

Developing the skills to lead

Department of Management and Technology

Explore our unique degrees that teach you the ins and outs of management and technology. Read more about our Department of Business and Technology.

Department of Leadership

With a foundation in character building, our leadership program prepares tomorrow’s leaders for success in the aviation world. Read more about our Department of Leadership.

Department of Management Sciences

Our management science programs build upon the knowledge of experienced leaders and managers — catapulting your skills to new heights. Read more about the Department of Management Sciences.

Department of Business Administration

Our business administration program prepares students for prosperity as a manager in their chosen career field. Read more about the Department of Business Administration.

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