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College of Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences

The cornerstone of your Embry-Riddle degree

Before taking the plunge into your major, it helps to have a sound academic foundation. The College of Arts & Sciences at Embry-Riddle Worldwide provides students with core learning that they can build upon through their more advanced, specialized courses. Read more about the College of Arts & Sciences.

Ignite your research at Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Video: Ignite Your Passion

Through Ignite, we are raising the academic bar by creating innovative research opportunities, increasing research funding, expanding academic experiences and enhancing collaboration.
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This is an image of a Fire Science Chief and others going over plans.

Emergency Services

In response to more complex emergency response roles, this newly developed program serves as a catalyst for fire and public service career advancement. Read more about the Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services.

Dr. Alan Bender

Faculty Spotlight

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are making a difference in the lives of students on a daily basis. This month’s featured faculty member, Dr. Alan Bender, exemplifies this dedication. Read his spotlight.

General Education

It takes ambition, passion and dedication to build your dream career. But it also takes a sound foundation. Embry-Riddle general education courses empower you with core competencies. Learn more about the Arts & Sciences courses.

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