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Meet the Aeronautics Faculty

Faculty send students flying high

At Embry-Riddle Worldwide, we believe industry experience is essential to student success. The College of Aeronautics faculty exemplify this to the highest extreme. Boeing employees. Helicopter pilots. Air traffic controllers. UAS Operators. Researchers. A broad spectrum of aviation professionals coming together to educate and share their experiences with eager students.

We have a global network of adjunct faculty, all of whom have real-world experience. This means they might spend the day as an Air Force Colonel, talking to a four-star general about a secret weapons system, then spend the evening talking to students. It truly becomes a transfer of knowledge rather than a by-the-book lecture.

College faculty bring their professional experience into the classroom by brainstorming ideas to engage students, assigning group projects to introduce different viewpoints, putting projects in RFP format so curriculum and practical experience are aligned with workforce demand, and using proper documentation and industry terminology.

Aeronautics students emerge from Embry-Riddle with tangible knowledge that can immediately be applied to their professional life. When you seek a job out of school, employers will see your applied experience and you will have a leg up on fellow applicants.

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Meet the Embry-Riddle Aeronautics Faculty

College of Aeronautics Administration

Dr. Kenneth Witcher,

Dr. Kent Anderson,
Associate Dean

Dr. Bruce Conway,
Department Chair, Engineering Sciences

Dr. Dennis Vincenzi,
Department Chair, Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Ian McAndrew,
Department Chair, Graduate Studies

Linda Weiland,
ERAU Asia Liaison

  • James Pennington,
    Director of STEM Programs, Atlanta
  • Gayle Larson,
    College Administrator,
    Budget Managerfasf
  • Shannon Stenberg,
    Associate College Administrator
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