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College of Aeronautics

Find out why the College of Aeronautics is regarded as the aviation industry's leading educator.

Faculty Spotlight

Watching students graduate is the highlight of Dr. Anderson's career.

Video: Be Among the Top
in the Aviation Field

Listen as Dr. McAndrew discusses the benefits of studying Aeronautics at Worldwide.

Department of Aeronautics, Undergraduate Studies

This department of four bachelor's degree programs, two associate degree programs, and one certificate program prepares students for careers in many aviation fields, including maintenance, security, transportation, and much more. Read more about our Department of Aeronautics, Undergraduate Studies.

Department of Aeronautics, Graduate Studies

The three master's programs in this department will provide students with the skills they need to succeed in occupational safety, space education, and Worldwide's largest and oldest graduate program, the Master's of Aeronautical Science. Read more about our Department of Aeronautics, Graduate Studies.

Department of Engineering Sciences

The Master of Systems Engineering, the lone degree in this department until the Associate of Science in Engineering is added in August 2014, teaches students the leadership and organizational skills needed to oversee and spearhead complex projects. Read more about our Department of Engineering Sciences.

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