Area of Study


Aeronautics , Associate in Science

The Associate in Science in Aeronautics is for students who want to build a foundation or reach the next step of their career in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Aeronautics , Bachelor of Science

This respected degree is designed specifically for students who work, have worked or want to work in aviation-related careers and awards credit for prior experience.

Aeronautics , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Aeronautics degree program allows students in the aerospace industry to advance their careers through specialization.

Aerospace Engineering , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering program uses theoretical and practical training to help graduates learn spacecraft and aircraft design.

Airline Management , Certificate

The Certificate in Airline Management is in partnership with the International Air Transport Association and credit can be applied to the MBA in Aviation.

Airworthiness Engineering , Graduate Certificate

Structured to meet the educational needs of working professionals, this certificate prepares them to enhance their careers with additional studies in this vital field.

Airworthiness Engineering , Master of Science

The M.S. in Airworthiness Engineering prepares students for careers in testing and certifying aircraft systems, parts and products to ensure compliant operations.

Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability , Master of Science

The MSAAS focuses on recent advances in science, practice and innovation to better understand, analyze and apply aerospace sustainability strategies.

Aviation Business Administration , Associate in Science

The ASABA was created for students interested in business and provides a business foundation with a seamless transition into our Worldwide bachelor’s degrees.

Aviation Business Administration , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration explores all aspects of aviation business, airport management and airfield management.

Aviation Cybersecurity , Master of

The Master of Aviation Cybersecurity provides the skills to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks in today's high-tech aviation industry.

Aviation Maintenance , Associate in Science

The Associate in Science in Aviation Maintenance offers the foundation for a career in all areas of aircraft maintenance.

Aviation Maintenance , Bachelor of Science

Blending general education and aviation maintenance core courses, the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance gives graduates a competitive edge in the industry.

Aviation Maintenance , Master of

The Master of Aviation Maintenance provides graduates with the skills necessary to become influential professionals in the aviation maintenance industry.

Aviation Maintenance Technology Part 65 , Certificate

The Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Technology Part 65 supports those pursuing the technical requirements outlined in Part 65.77 of the FAR.

Aviation Safety , Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety addresses the safety aspects of the aviation industry, including accident investigation and risk management.

Aviation Safety , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Safety helps flight safety students recognize the importance of managing risk in the aviation industry.

Aviation Safety , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Aviation Safety covers the full scope of aviation and aerospace safety while offering the option for an additional two-course thesis.

Business Administration in Aviation , Master of

Structured to provide a high-reliability organization foundation, the MBAA provides students with business skills targeting the aviation/aerospace industry.

Business Analytics , Bachelor of Science

Crafted in conjunction with industry leaders, this program teaches the use and analysis of data to solve real-world business problems and drive optimal outcomes.

Business Intelligence and Analytics , Graduate Certificate

The curriculum in this 12-credit online program covers the full spectrum of data collection, data mining and its use in making better business decisions.

Communication , Bachelor of Science

This innovative program meets the growing need for communications professionals with the skills to explain complex science and technology concepts.

Emergency Services , Bachelor of Science

Offering two specializations and encompassing all emergency service disciplines, this program is based on the National Fire Academy’s higher education curriculum.

Emergency Services , Master of Science

This 33-hour online program prepares students for careers in emergency services, disaster and emergency management, research and policy development, among other fields.

Engineering , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering is a multidisciplinary degree that prepares students for aeronautical, mechanical, electrical and mechatronics fields.

Engineering Fundamentals , Undergraduate Certificate

Embry‑Riddle's Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Fundamentals equips each student with the skills necessary to advance their engineering education and career.

Engineering Fundamentals , Associate of Science

The A.S. in Engineering Fundamentals is the first step in engineering studies, designed to give students a foundation in math, physics and practical design.

Engineering Management , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Engineering Management pairs technical knowledge with key leadership skills that aim to meet the growing need for project management.

Engineering Technology , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology allows students to research and use virtual labs to ensure they have the skills needed to excel in engineering.

Finance , Graduate Certificate

This 12-credit online program teaches students to evaluate financial assets, apply strategies and use analytical techniques to chart an informed financial course.

General Education , Core Coursework

Our fundamental General Education courses help students refine life skills in communication, critical thinking and reasoning that will support both their academic and professional careers.

Homeland Security , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security empowers graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed throughout the homeland security enterprise.

Human Factors , Graduate Certificate

Students pursuing this certificate are equipped to analyze human performance and limitations in a range of situations, and they also earn 12 graduate-level credits.

Human Factors , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Human Factors prepares students to consider human factors concerns during the design and development of systems, products and environments.

Human Resources , Graduate Certificate

Aimed at developing skills that enhance careers in the field, this program encompasses the latest in HR policies and procedures and explores talent retention initiatives.

Human Security & Resilience , Master of Science

This 30-credit online program is tailored to recent graduates and working professionals who want to build skills that advance their careers in this complex specialty.

Information Systems Security , Graduate Certificate

In this 12-credit online program, students are provided with the latest methods, policies and approaches to analyzing and contending with a growing range of cyberthreats.

Interdisciplinary Studies , Bachelor of Science

Developed to meet industry demand, this flexible program is designed to nurture critical thinkers who understand the connections between science, technology and humanity.

International Business , Graduate Certificate

In this 12-credit online program, students explore all aspects of global business and analyze the factors that influence global strategy and help lead to success.

ISTAT , Certificate

Designed for those with business or transportation degrees, this program prepares them for careers in aircraft financing, leasing or with other ISTAT member industries.

Leadership , Graduate Certificate

Teaching effective leadership techniques is the goal of this 12-credit online program, which uses real-world case studies to show what management methods work and why.

Leadership , Master of Science

With experienced faculty to guide them, students develop the skills that make them effective leaders and help position them as valued decision-makers for tomorrow.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management helps students develop skills for managing procurement, maintenance and transportation.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management , Master of Science

The M.S. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management equips students with analytical, negotiation and managerial globalization skills.

Management , Master of Science

With accredited curriculum that aligns with industry demands, this program offers additional certificate options and a focus on addressing organizational challenges.

Management Information Systems , Master of Science

This 30-credit graduate program includes a capstone project and two specialization tracks: Information Technology Management and Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Marketing , Graduate Certificate

In this 12-credit online program, students are exposed to all aspects of marketing, from identifying target markets to crafting and presenting messages that get results.

Occupational Safety Management , Graduate Certificate

With curriculum designed for working professionals, students are prepared to effectively manage the occupational safety and health functions in a variety of industries.

Occupational Safety Management , Master of Science

The M.S. in Occupational Safety Management emphasizes safety challenges in many occupational settings, from aviation and manufacturing to military and government.

Pilot Operations , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Pilot Operations is designed to help pilots and students learn aviation management skills that boost career advancement opportunities.

Professional Programs , Non-Degree

Professional education at Embry-Riddle offers excellent opportunities for professionals and organizations in the evolving aviation and aerospace industry, and is recognized as one of the global leaders in aerospace and aviation education and training.

Project Management , Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management prepares students with skills in risk and resource management aimed toward project management practices.

Project Management , Bachelor of Science

With curriculum that helps position students in the project management field, this program teaches the soft and hard skills that empower leadership and problem solving.

Project Management , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Project Management is designed to position graduates to lead complex projects and equip them with management systems and policies.

Safety Management , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Safety Management equips students with practical and analytical problem-solving skills to design safer workplaces.

Software Engineering , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering prepares students to launch careers in industries ranging from aerospace software to video game development.

Space Operations , Master of

The Master of Space Operations teaches students the theory needed for conducting spaceflight operations and developing space capabilities.

Space Systems , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Space Systems is designed to provide students with the tools they need to be successful program managers of major space systems.

Systems Engineering , Graduate Certificate

This certificate offers an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of today’s complex systems, how they work and how to manage when they don’t.

Systems Engineering , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Systems Engineering focuses on fundamental systems engineering and shows how a systems perspective applies to business and technology.

Technical Management , Associate in Science

The practical, hands-on approach used in this program is ideal preparation for those with technical responsibilities who want to progress to the next level of management.

Technical Management , Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Management enables students to manage at a high level in today’s business world and understand how data drives decisions.

Uncrewed & Autonomous Systems , Bachelor of Science

Embry-Riddle's Bachelor of Science in Uncrewed & Autonomous Systems equips students with skills necessary for flying drones and handling autonomous robotics.

Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems , Associate of Science

Embry‑Riddle's Associate of Science in Uncrewed Systems prepares students with the foundational knowledge they need to thrive in the uncrewed systems industry.

Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems , Master of Science

The Master of Science in Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems focuses on the industry of uncrewed systems through topics including policy, design and systems management.

Uncrewed Systems Technology , Undergraduate Certificate

This online certificate program addresses technology, policy and new developments in autonomous air, sea, land and space systems, and allows students to earn 18 undergraduate credits.