Department of Aeronautics, Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Aeronautics, Undergraduate Studies, consists of dedicated full-time faculty with a wide variety of real-world experience in all areas of civilian and military aviation operations. With their help, students can earn one of several degrees such as: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance, Bachelor of Science in Safety Management, Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications, Associate in Science in Aeronautics, Associate in Science in Aviation Maintenance, and the Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Technology Part 65

Our adjunct faculty consist of quality professionals employed in industry and government with experience designing, building, and using state-of-the-art equipment in both manned and unmanned aviation domains. Our faculty have published widely and internationally in conferences and journals throughout the world.

Industry experts assisted us in conceptualizing and now reflect positively upon our Capstone Course process as an exceptional benefit to students entering the workforce. As a culminating event for all department programs, the Capstone Course provides the students with an exceptional treatise on well-rounded knowledge in their field of study.

Our core focus in all our programs is on providing a quality education through academic achievement and practical application in the form of hands-on research and publication opportunities.

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