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Embry-Riddle Worldwide's free live webinars give you a chance to take part in our virtual learning experience. These interactive courses, taught by faculty members or other experts who are leaders in their respective industries, cover a broad spectrum of topics. 

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Applied Information Technology: An Overview

The Applied Information Technology (AIT) Specializations provide students in the ASTM or BSTM degree programs the opportunity to gain in-depth, hands-on experience with market-leading software and systems technologies.

Presenter: Mike Wills

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This is a photo of a closeup of hands typing on a mobile phone with a laptop in the background.

Writing Effective Emails, Reports, and Messages

Professionals in all occupations need to be effective communicators of the written word. Join us for a lively presentation that will help your communications get noticed.

Presenter: Terri Maue

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This is a photo of the loading/unloading zone outside an airport. An airplane is seen flying overhead.

21st Century Airport Planning, Design, and Development

In this two-part series, presenters will explore Airport Planning, Design, Sustainability, Safety, and Certification.

Presenters: Patti Clark, Kat Moran, Shawn Arena, Daniel Benny

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This is a photo of Bob Sumwalt, wearing an NTSB jacket, holding a news conference.

Improving Safety through Accident Investigation

In this webinar, we explain the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident investigation process and provide an insider’s view of aircraft accident investigations.

Presenter: Robert L. Sumwalt

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This is a photo of an airplane engine detached from the airplane.

Keeping Pace with Change: Challenges for the Aircraft MRO Industry

Join us for a webinar discussing advancements in aircraft technology and the status of today's rapidly growing aviation maintenance workforce.

Presenter: Patti Clark

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This is a photo of an airplane cockpit

Aircraft Automation and the Degradation of Pilot Skills: Keeping Our Skies Safe

Join us for webinar that will look at the impact of automation on pilot skills and what can be done to ensure pilots maintain the highest degree of concentration and control.

Presenter: William Waldock

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This is a photo of a man holding a business meeting.

Project Management Solutions to Help You Stay on Schedule and on Budget

Whether you’re a full-time project manager or simply someone who manages an occasional project, this webinar will equip you with tools and techniques that will help you clearly explain timetables and the requirements to ensure project success.

Presenter: Jim Marion

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This is a photo of people in business clothes at a table speaking, presumably in a job interview.

Developing a Resume that Gets Results

Join us as we discuss resume organization and content, along with ways to use your resume as a tool to successfully compete with other applicants.

Presenters: Valerie Kielmovitch, Sandi Ohman

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This is a photo of an airplane flying.

The Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and its Capstone

This session provides an overview of the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics (BSA) — the university’s most popular degree program — and its culminating Capstone course. Navigating your way to the Capstone is just as important as the course itself.

Presenter: Scott Burgess

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This is a photo of a man in safety clothing holding a file titled Material Safety Data Sheet

How to Make Safety Work in Your Company

In this webinar, participants receive an overview of safety in the workplace and learn how to successfully integrate safety practices throughout an organization. This session is designed for individuals with specific safety responsibilities as well as those with organizational oversight.

Presenter: Mark Friend

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This is a photo of a closeup of a handing working on a paper titled Risk Management Matrix

Risk Management: A Key Success Factor

Organizations can choose to manage risk with a proactive approach or choose to react to the risk events as they interfere with project success. Watch a presentation that will provide an overview of the risk management process and make suggestions on how to incorporate risk management into daily operations.

Presenter: Tracey Richardson

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This is a photo of a drone carrying a package in a big city.

Unmanned Aerospace Systems - An Overview of Applications and Operations

A major area of growth in aviation is unmanned aerospace systems (UAS). Drawing from Embry-Riddle’s popular UAS two-day short courses, we provide an overview of the field. We also explore the industry, business opportunities, FAA regulation, and career development in this emerging industry.

Presenter: David Thirtyacre

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This is a photo of a person in business clothes. Overlaid on top of the photo is a graphic with icons of businessmen connected by lines, symbolizing a network.

Building High-Performance Virtual Teams: Keys to Success in Today’s Global Environment

An effective manager must not only run a good meeting, but also learn how to successfully leverage virtual meetings to meet objectives, train, and build a high-performance team. Watch this 60-minute complimentary webinar as we share techniques managers can use to run powerful, effective virtual meetings.

Presenter: Joe Gray

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