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Teaching Online for ERAU - Worldwide

The Department of Online Learning is looking for individuals who are qualified and interested in placing their educational and career skills to use by teaching in a cutting-edge instructional technology enhanced online classroom via Blackboard. Our goal is to find the most qualified and most dedicated faculty members for our students.

To be considered, an individual must have the following:

  • Doctorate degree or Master's degree with specialization required, depending on course
    (all Business courses require a Doctorate degree, unless otherwise noted)
  • One year of teaching/training experience in higher education or professional setting, online teaching required
  • Professional experience in the field in which the applicant is applying is vital as our goal is to have faculty with real-world knowledge to better prepare our students

We are currently reviewing faculty candidates for the following courses:

Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities

Graduate Teaching Opportunities

Please review our complete lists of current online course offerings, and degree programs.

New faculty candidates, who are qualified to work in the United States, will be required to provide the following:

  • Official transcripts
    • NOTE: If you are an ERAU graduate, you cannot be cleared to teach graduate courses until a year has passed from the date of your degree conferred on your transcript.
  • Current resume/CV
  • Professional certifications, by request
  • Specific letters of recommendation, by request
  • Successful completion of the following three required faculty development courses:
    • FACD 300/300L - Instructional Use of Blackboard (with Lab)
      This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU’s Worldwide teaching centers, Worldwide-Online courses, or both. The course covers the features of ERAU’s course management system and their instructional use, including best practices.
    • FACD 101 - Teaching at Embry-Riddle Worldwide
      This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU’s Worldwide teaching campuses, for Worldwide-Online, or both. This course covers the responsibilities of new ERAU instructors, best practices for course preparation and course delivery, required training, and provides perspective for teaching in aerospace and military environments.
    • FACD 302 - Supporting Online Learners
      This is an introductory course for all prospective online instructors for ERAU Worldwide. It also has application for any ERAU instructor using a blended format. The course covers best practices in online learning, student-centered approaches to teaching, and instructional application of web-based tools for collaboration.
    • FACD 801 – Ignite Pedagogy Introduction (Must be completed within 12 months of hire)
      This is an introductory course created to present a general overview of the selected university-wide Ignite Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic. This self-paced tutorial briefly explains how inquiry-based teaching and learning differs from the more traditional approaches, offers guidance on preparing and conducting an inquiry-based activity, and introduces the general characteristics of an inquiry-based activity.
    • FACD 802 – Igniting Research in your Course (Must be completed within 12 months of hire)
      FACD 802 is an integral training component in support of the selected university-wide IGNITE Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic as it relates to inquiry-based activities. This four-week course is the second of a two-part series to help you explore what is meant by inquiry-based learning and to identify features and components found within a course that supports the QEP topic. This is a blended course in which participants will meet once during a four-week period via EagleVision to establish a collaborative synchronous session, and are also required to complete online coursework within Blackboard (Bb). Throughout the course, faculty will discuss and share research techniques and practices inherent to both industry and academia as exposed through practice or literature, as well as those unique to Embry-Riddle. This course reviews the process of gathering research materials, and how those materials inform pedagogical in-class teaching practices from the smallest unit, such as an in-class learning activity.  FACD 801 must be successfully completed first.   

NOTE: All FACD courses are 4 weeks in length.

Our Process: To create transparency, below is an example of what a faculty applicant can expect throughout this process.

  • An initial review of qualifications
  • If their qualifications appear to match our needs, official documentation will be collected
  • An official Faculty Course Clearance Approval process which is reviewed by the Executive Director of Online Learning, Program Chair, Department Chair, and Chief Academic Officer (please note that this may take a few weeks)
  • FERPA Certification must be completed
  • The three FACD courses listed above must be completed prior to any teaching opportunities
  • Once all of this is completed, potential faculty members will be placed in active adjunct status and be eligible for course contracts.
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