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Master of Science in Engineering Management

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) degree is designed for working professionals who possess prior degrees in engineering, math, physical science, computer science or other STEM field and who desire to add management skills. The degree is designed to assist those students to move into managerial roles in technical organizations. The degree expands on the student’s existing technical skills adding management knowledge and skills.

Technical organizations require managers who understand the technical nature of the firm’s business. Upon completion of the multi-disciplinary degree students will have the knowledge to become managers in a technical organization. The program combines a core curriculum with a selection of concentrations allowing students to expand their knowledge in an area of interest. Concentrations include financial management, project management, systems engineering, leadership, management, logistics and supply chain management and aviation/aerospace management. These concentrations provide the student the opportunity to specialize in an area of their choice and interest allowing the student to tailor their degree in a manner that best fulfills their career objectives.

Degree Requirements
Master of Science in Management Core
TMGT 605Organizational Theory in a Technical Environment3
EMGT 514Professional Service Marketing3
EMGT 523Engineering Economic Analysis3
PMGT 501Fundamentals of Project Management3
MGMT 524Management Science3
MGMT 533Federal Regulations, Ethics and the Legal System3
Total Core Credits18

Technical Electives: (Take one of the quality courses plus 2 more)
SYSE 625Systems Quality Assurance3
MGMT 532Philosophy, Principles and Practices in Quality3
MBAA 522Business Research Methods3
LGMT 683Supply Chain Management3
TMGT 555Applied Regression Analysis3
ASCI 609Aircraft Maintenance Management*3
Total Tech Elective Credits9
CONCENTRATION (Take one of seven concentrations)9
Total Degree Requirements36
*Students selecting the Aviation/Aerospace concentration must take ASCI 609. Students in other concentrations may not take ASCI 609.


Specialization 1
Financial Management
MBAA 517Managerial Accounting for Decision Making3
MBAA 518Managerial Finance3
EMGT 618Introduction to Financial Engineering: Futures and Options3

Specialization 2
Project Management
PMGT 502Effective Communications for Managing Projects3
PMGT 613Assessing and Managing Project Risk3
PMGT 614Planning, Directing, and Controlling Projects3

Specialization 3
Systems Engineering
SYSE 530Systems Requirements Analysis and Modeling3
SYSE 560Introduction to Systems Engineering Management3
SYSE 610System Architecture Design and Modeling3

Specialization 4
MSLD 500Leadership Foundations in Research3
MSLD 511Organizational Leadership3
MSLD 521Leadership Communication3

Specialization 5
Students must complete 9 credit hours from the preceding list of courses
MGMT 653Labor Issues in an Industrial Environment3
MGMT 671Entrepreneurship and Leadership3
MGMT 672Planning and Execution of Strategy3
MGMT 673Global Economic Analysis3

Specialization 6
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Students must complete 9 credit hours from the preceding list of courses
LGMT 536Purchasing for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers3
LGMT 636Transportation Management3
LGMT 682Integrated Logistics Management3
LGMT 685Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management3

Specialization 7
Aviation/Aerospace Management
Students must complete 9 credit hours from the preceding list of courses
ASCI 612Aviation/Aerospace Industrial Safety Management3
ASCI 641Production and Procurement Management in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry3
ASCI 642International Aviation Policy3
ASCI 643Management of Research and Development of the Aviation/Aerospace Industry3
ASCI 644Integrated Logistics in Aviation Management3
ASCI 645Airport Operations and Management3
ASCI 646Airline Operations and Management3
Career Areas

Choosing the Master of Science in Engineering Management program offered by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Studying with us can give you the opportunity to:

Advance your career into management.
Our focused curriculum will prepare you for engineering and technical management opportunities in aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, metals, computers, electronics, technical services and more.

Gain the critical skills that employers want.
Our focused curriculum allows for concentration in Aviation/Aerospace Management, Financial Management, Leadership, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Project Management or Systems Engineering.

Secure employment at a world-class organization.
Graduates of our MS in Engineering Management program are working in leadership roles with Boeing, Texas Instruments, Caterpillar, United Technologies Corporation, AT&T, General Motors and other top employers.

Command higher wages with a Master’s degree.
New research from PayScale, Inc. shows that engineering and technical professionals with a Master’s degree can potentially achieve a six-figure salary after several years. Some of the starting salaries outlined in this study include:

  • $91,600
    Engineering Manager
  • $73,800
    Project Manager, Engineering
  • $92,500
    Program Manager, Engineering

Approximately 77% of Engineering and Technical Management leaders report increased job satisfaction gained through meaningful work. We encourage you to learn more about Embry-Riddle and our ability to prepare you for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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